Website Plug-Ins

Plug ins are what I call tools that can add a level of interactivity to your website, I have a few that can be added to your website:

  • £0.00, webfonts
  • £5.00, video upload and embed
  • £20.00, basic photo gallery
  • £35.00, advanced interactive photo gallery
  • £70.00, pro photography gallery, with web based manager.
  • £20.00, interactive tabs
  • £30.00, interactive animated showcase (used on my Portfolio page)
  • £15.00, additional contact form

Want these on your website? Contact me here.

More plug-ins are added periodically, follow me on Twitter so you're first to know.

Each plug-in can be themed to suit your websites colour, layout and proportions, and are designed to be compatible with the "big five" browsers ensuring a seamless experience for virtually any visitor. They are also fully compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

Please note that it's best to purchase these plug-ins at the same time as a full website design.

Current Services:
Future Services: