Hosting and Domain Services

Hosting Services

Hosting is the process of storing your website content on the Internet. If you already have a website, but the host is either too expensive or slow, I can host your website for you.

My hosting is provided my (mt) Media Temple. They provide me with an exceptionally fast service that can throttle if required. Since July 2011, I've had 100% uptime, so your website will always be available.

My stand-alone hosting service starts from £40.00 per year, and you can take advantage of my acceleration and security services too.

Domain Services

A domain is your websites address on the Internet. I can register and hold a domain for you from just £15.00 per year.

Currently, I can reserve .com, .net, .info and .org top level domains. I can reserve others, such as, but these may cost more as I will need to use a different registrar. Please note that not every domain will be available, some large companies buy and auction domains. That doesn't mean you can't get one, it just means it could be more expensive.

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Current Services:
Future Services: