The Future of CK Website Design

However much I want to be able to offer these now, it's not possible due to the learning curve. 2012 will be a year of learning for me, and I hope to be able to take what I learn and channel it into an awesome website.

PHP (progress: 5%)

PHP is the backbone of the Internet. It enables websites to dynamically change their content based on input. It's a complex technology, so I'm taking my time to learn it.

E-Commerce (progress: 20%)

Think of an online shop.

SQL Databases (progress: 60%)

When coupled with PHP, it's killer. This can be used to store data, and access it when required.

Wordpress (progress: 10%)

The worlds most popular blogging platform and content management system. I'm keen to learn how to integrate Wordpress into my websites, and it will most likely become a standard feature in all of my websites in the future.

Current Services:
Future Services: