Analytics and Security Services

Analytics Services

Analytics is the process of gathering information about the people who visit your site.

I can configure your website to monitor who visits your website, where they are, where they came from, where they physically are, what operating system they're using, their screen resolution … it goes on forever. Knowing your audience is important as it can tell you areas where you need to do further advertising, etc.

Analytics comes as standard with my website design service. If you want it as a stand alone product, the price starts at £20.00. That will include the account setup and website configuration processes.

Security Services

The Internet is a dangerous place, why let your website go out there unprotected?

I can configure your website to use a service that allows me to protect your website from malicious attacks, hackers and other unpleasant activity. I can also make sure your website is always available should my host server fail, guaranteeing a 100% uptime.

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Current Services:
Future Services: