About CK Website Design

About Callum Kerr

I'm 20 years old, originally from London, and I moved to Livingston in 1994 and lived here ever since. I'm studying about to start at Edinburgh Napier University in September.

About CK Website Design

CK Website Design started in early 2010 with the Scott Lovat's website. Since then, I've expanded my offerings and experience.

From £200 for a website, seriously?

Yup! I don't believe in all that fixed price "1-4 pages for £495 ex VAT" nonsense, I'll make you an awesome website that includes everything you need to get started: domain name, the design, the implementation, the hosting and the aftercare. As a plus, you'll get 20% off a re-design when you come back to me in the future. More Info.

I'll support you all the way

I'm not going to abandon you when the job's done, if you have a question, or you want to make a change or addition to the website when it's live: it's totally cool, I'll help you out.

Bio: Callum Kerr, 20, Male
Origin: Kingston Upon Thames
Current Location: Livingston, UK
Ultimate Location: Seattle, USA
Studying: IT Security and Forensics
Where: Edinburgh Napier
Current Availability:


Turn around time: 2-3 weeks.

Companies and Services I Love:

Apple Inc.

I love Apple, probably too much for it to be healthy. My production set-up consists of a 27" iMac, 13" MacBook Pro and an iPad. I have a couple of PC's for testing stuff in Internet Explorer (sigh)


I use Panic's Coda 2, and the companion iPad App Diet Coda to write and preview all code that goes into my websites. Coda has made my design and testing processes incredibly efficient, and I am very grateful for their amazing software. I also use Transmit to give me full FTP access to my (mt) servers.

(mt) Media Temple

These guys are awesome. (mt) Media Temple is my primary host as of 2011, and they're fantastic! Their world-class support, excellent solutions and flexible expansion make (mt) my closest partner when running CK Website Design. Special thanks to Matt, Sara, and the rest of the Twitter team!


Through my contract with (mt) Media Temple, CloudFlare provide me with a method of protecting and accelerating websites. Fast Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) speed up your website loading time, and (in the very rare case) if your main website server goes offline, your website will still be available. Unless the whole Internet goes down, your website will have 100% uptime. The protection part basically means that if my main server goes down due to a malicious attack, your website will still be available.


I used WuFoo! to create some websites contact forms. More recently, I have been using my own custom PHP form.

Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT hold all of the domain names I registered between 2009 and August 2011. From August 2011, (mt) will hold my domains.

Google Fonts

I use Google Fonts to provide some really nice fonts you can see around this website, and others in the future. These fonts can give your website a fresh appearance.